West Wiltshire Model Railway Circle

Belmesthorpe by Tim Hitch

N Gauge - 1:148


This is a what if layout.  Originally when the GNR was building what is now the ECML it was refused to use the Marquis of Exeter's land near Peterborough.  In fact he prohibited the use quite strongly. My layout is designed around the fact that rather that push the railway away he actually forced the ECML to be built through Stamford.  This is where the ECML and the Stamford Line diverge. I am assuming that the ECML followed the route of the Stamford Line until it turned north and climbed through a tunnel here. To this end the branch from Stamford (East) to Essindine and then on to Bourne would have still been built and not closed in the Beeching Axe. Belmesthorpe is a village on this route and did have a station on the Stamford to Essindine line.  As this is a what if, then I am assuming that Belmesthorpe became a outlying suburb of the Borough of Stamford. 


 The era with post 1980 to now.  As Belmesthorpe is a commuter village/town then this layout will be 99% units (ERG has been a great inpiration!  The idea for this came from a 00 layout that I operated at the HHMRS, called Stanegate.  This has been expanded upon to have to 2 independent running lines. The layout is also designed to be semi-modular.  I have designed Belmesthorpe to be able to tag onto other layouts constructed by friends.